Biomechanics & Orthotics

Disorders of the lower limb assessment and treatment. MUSCULOSKELETAL PROBLEMS: Muscular Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Shin Pain, Knee Pain Foot Pain & Ankle Pain. Prescription orthotics may be the SOLUTION.

What is podiatric biomechanics?

Biomechanics basically terminology to describe the functionality of the foot and surrounding bone structure. The science of human movement. Many injuries are related to excessive, limited, or otherwise abnormal movement during activity. Abnormal foot function is the most common cause of muscular pain and joint wear and tear.

Examination at Footmedic

We approach patient assessment individually & take a thorough patient medical history, conduct a visual & physical exam developed with many years of knowledge (highly experienced Podiatrist) include posturology and biomechanical testing.

We perform a Gait Analysis using Computerised footscan.

The Technology

The GaitScan System is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for assessing a patient's biomechanics. We have team up with leading manufacturing company for prescriptive orthotics using latest system , to provide superior & unique diagnostic and treatment plan.

What are Prescription Orthotics?

Prescription orthotics are precision medical devices that are custom made to ease the symptoms. Prescribe by podiatrist just for you to help to correct foot deformity.They are a conservative (non-invasive) treatment. They help your feet to function more efficiently, allowing healing to occur. If worn regularly they should help relieve pain and prevent the development of additional foot and related problems. Orthotics are the eyes for the feet.

The Richie Brace® (AFO)

This was designed and introduced to the medical community in 1996 by sports podiatrist, Dr. Doug Richie. Since that time the Richie Brace has become a gold standard treatment in the orthotics industry. It is universally recognized by podiatrists, pedorthists, orthotists and orthopedic surgeons as a unique , breakthrough technology to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle pathologies. Many imitations have followed, but none have achieved the fit, comfort and clinical success of the Richie Brace.

Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO®)

Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO®) by Cascade Dafo Inc, introduced more than 25 years ago. Focused on the mobility challenges of young patients. Cascade products are primarily geared toward paediatric patients, most of whom have neuromuscular challenges.

Prescription Shoes & Sandals

We can advise on, prescribe and supply a large range of custome prescription shoes & sandals, from the leading manufacturers, including Langer and Birkenstock.

Beware of similar look a like products, that are available through internet and sport shops. They will probably be shaped and called insole/orthoses, but those products may do more harm than good. A prescriptive orthoses must be dispensed by qualified professional. A Podiatrist (foot specialist) will give orthoses for medical conditions, only after careful assessment to provide relive from discomfort.