Minor Operations

At the Footmedic Podiatry Surgery we have a dedicated operating room for podiatric invasive surgery. Our resident podiatrist will personally perform your surgical procedure in a sterile, comfortable room that is familiar and puts you at ease to best undertake your surgery.

The following procedeures can be performed at the the surgery.

Skin Surgery

Removal of benign skin lesions such as cysts, small lumps etc. Sharp surgical procedures of shave or elliptical excision.

These type of procedures are done with or without sutures and require local anaesthetics. Also small foreign objects i.e. sprinters, glass can easy enter into the feet this too can be successfully treated under minor surgery.

Corn and hard skin treatment involves removing/enucleation with scalpel blade, a superficial skin surgery technique.


Treatment of stubborn and painful verrucae, warts, neurovascular corns etc. Electrosurgery is the removal of skin lesions by electrical cautery (“burning out)”

This is a highly effective treatment a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic.


For the treatment of verrucae/warts, cryosurgery is quite successful.

The technique is to freeze the affected area with extremely cold liquid.

The purpose of this method is to freeze and destroy abnormal skin cell, while keeping the surrounding skin from damage.