Diabetic Foot Exam

This is an in-depth examination of the foot which involves checking for sensation of the foot, as well as carrying out a Doppler vascular assessment for circulation within arteries and veins.

Diabetic Foot & Lower Limb Vascular Assessment Using HUNTLEIGH`s Latest Innovative Technology Digital DMX Doppler & Software

This exam is necessary to identify conditions of the foot that are at risk of developing ulcers or infections which could lead to serious complications.

Why is Diabetic Foot Screening Important?

Diabetic foot screening helps detect these problems early, allowing for prompt treatment and reducing the risk of serious complications, such as ulceration and amputation. Regular diabetic foot screenings can also help individuals with diabetes to maintain good foot health and prevent future foot health problems.

What Happens During a Diabetic Foot Screening Exam?

Visual Inspection: A thorough examination of the feet to check for any cuts, blisters, bruises, calluses, foot structure assessment or other signs of injury.

At Footmedic Podiatry Surgery, we provide 5 essential tests, which include:

  • Doppler
  • Vibration
  • Sensitivity
  • Touch
  • Pressure

Upon completion of the tests, a report of our findings will be provided.

Lower Limb Vascular Exam

A Lower Limb Vascular exam can be performed specifically for individuals with diabetes to assess the health of the blood vessels in their lower extremities. The exam is important for people with diabetes because they have an increased risk of developing peripheral vascular disease, which is a condition that affects the blood vessels and can lead to reduced blood flow in the legs, ankles, and feet.

What Can You Expect During the Lower Limb Vascular Assessment?

  • Non-Invasive and Painless Tests
  • Quick and Easy Process
  • Specialist Evaluation of the Feet

This lower limb assessment consists of 10 tests that comprehensively evaluate lower limb health.

The tests, which include Doppler (dorsal, tibial, femoral, and popliteal), vibration, sensitivity, percussion, moisture, ABI, TBI, thermology, touch, and pressure, are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of lower limb health. The aim of the assessment is to identify any potential signs of disease progression and provide a clear understanding of current health status.

The report of the findings will be provided upon completion of the lower limb assessment tests.

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